North Jersey UNA Women    

North Jersey UNA Women is one of our chapter’s Affinity Group which partners with like-minded women and women's organizations to advocate for the UN's mission around women and girls. Together we can become a stronger voice in our community.

Programs, events, projects of North Jersey UNA Women will be determined by our members, both individually and collectively. As individuals, we can learn about and help raise awareness of women's rights and empowerment issues. Collectively, we can create programs, events, and projects that educate, raise awareness and give service to women globally and locally. 

Members of this Affinity Group advocate for UN programs that advance women’s and girls’ rights and promote women empowerment on a global scale. Annually, members may host or participate in events/ activities to honor International Women's Day and the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)Participation in Affinity Groups is open to any current UNA-USA/UNA-NNJ member.


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UNA Women

UN Women

UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

UNA Women: Cities for CEDAW Toolkit 

Looking to get involved in or start a Cities for CEDAW campaign in your hometown? Take a look at the Cities for CEDAW: A Campaign to Make the Global Local toolkit and contact us at to join our team of advocates championing Cities for CEDAW in North Jersey.

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